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Do you have some batteries that wrap is torn? Did you know that could ruin your battery, short out and possibly injure you? Anytime you notice your battery wrap having a tear or exposed metal bring it to us, ASAP! Re-wrapping your battery is an very easy and we will do it for you for FREE! We offer this service to prevent any battery related injuries and to ensure you are vaping safely. Also, if your batteries are more than a year old you should think about replacing them. But don't throw them away, bring them to us and we will recycle them.  Lets keep harmful battery lithium from get into our landfills!


Everyone spills a little liquid now and then. But that liquid can cause all sort of problems if it gets inside of your device. Liquid in your device can cause sticky buttons and possibly short out your battery. Bring your device in and we can keep your device maintained and operating properly. Do you have a tank that you just can't get an old flavor out of? Come and drop it in our ultrasonic cleaners and within a few minutes your tank will be back to tasting like new! All of our maintence services have and will always be FREE!